BWXT's uranium secrets in Toronto

BWXT's Uranium Secrets in Toronto

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BWXT's uranium insurance secrets:

According to an e-mail from the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC):

"BWXT maintains industrial insurance and this information is considered proprietary"

In the Peterborough Examiner, John MacQuarrie, the CEO of BWXT Canada,

"We have considered all accident scenarios, including very low probability but potentially serious events, and in all cases the risk to the public and the environment is negligible due to the nature of our operations"

BWXT is seeking a licence renewal that would allow them to have 700,000kgs of uranium powder on site at anytime and they are saying they are insured but won't tell us how and they are basically denying that anything bad can happen.

The public should be asking BWXT, the CNSC, MP Julie Dzerowicz, MPP Marit Stiles, Councillor Ana Bailao, and Trustee Stephanie Donaldson the following questions

1. What is the name of the insurer of BWXT?

2. What is the worst case scenario and how can we be confident they are properly insured if their insurance information remains "proprietary"?

BWXT's uranium air pollution secrets

According to the CNSC it would be safe to be exposed to "all the releases from the facility."

This is a shocking admission from the nuclear regulator that is known to protect the industry at all costs.

Here is what we know:

BWXT admits that "airborne particles can expose members of the public via inhalation"

BWXT filters most of its emissions, the smallest particle are what escapes their HEPA filters.

BWXT does its own uranium emissions estimates and claims to have released 46.2 grams of uranium over the past 5 years.

According to physicist Dr. Gordon Edwards, here are the stats on how many particles of uranium are in each gram of uranium released from BWXT at 1025 Lansdowne 
This means BWXT releases approximately 
7,160,000,000,000,000 particles a year 
19,616,438,356,164 particles a day
817,351,598,173 particles an hour
1,362,256,636 particles a minute
227,042,110 particles a second

By processing half of all nuclear fuel used in Canada, releasing 227 millions particles per second is unacceptable. 

Similar to the cancer causing potential of inhaling just one single asbestos fibre breathing in just one particle of alpha radiation emitting uranium can cause cancer. According to Dr. Gordon Edwards, "The highly insoluble and carcinogenic dust particles lodge in the lungs and become a 'body burden' that will remain inside the lungs, irradiating the highly sensitive lung tissue for many years."

"The people living around there are at risk," says Dr. Helen Caldicott, "If you happen to inhale one particle of uranium into your lungs you get a very high dose to a small volume of cells which can induce cancer."

The BWXT is broadcasting massive amounts of uranium particles over millions of people.  Those who live, work, and go to school in the wind path of the uranium emissions are most at risk.

If you live, work, or study or party in this neighbourhood you are an impacted person from an impacted community.

What you can do: 
Inform neighbours & make your voice heard 

Contact your elected officials: 
Ana Bailao, City Councillor

Marit Stiles, Member of Provincial Parliament 416-392-7012

Julie Dzerowicz, Member of Parliament

Stephanie Donaldson, School Trustee

Tell them you expect them to participate in the public hearing, and state in clear terms that the uranium plant must be shut down.  
Demand they take action to protect your health 

Attend our community meeting on:
Tues. Jan. 21, 7 p.m.

1900 Davenport at Davenport Perth Community Centre 

Why now?

The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission staff have recommended the factory be given a ten- year operating license renewal. Here’s our chance to say NO.

The public is invited to share their thoughts at a public hearing, March 2-3 at the Casa Do Alentjo Community Centre, 1130 Dupont Street (Dufferin and Dupont). The deadline to indicate you will make your voice heard is January 27
Register by e-mailing: 

join the facebook group


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